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The Cell

Sixty Seconds In The Mind Of A Stranger

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Wow, another endless white space to fill with worthless information about myself. Well...bite me! I'm rebelling! I refuse to fill it out! Ha!


Okay, so I guess I should say a little about myself then, since I've been tricked into using the evil formerly-blank white space!!

On the highly unlikely chance that you don't know me, my name is Nikki and I'm a crazy twenty-three year-old from sunny Queensland, Australia. There will be more about me if you're really interested listed under interests! I would suggest however that if you suffer from motion sickness, emotional trauma or just don't like mindless babble, that you don't read my journal!

***All the credit for my beautiful layout goes to: aucune_gloire who has some fantastic layouts at Ljlayouts.org ***

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